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Anderson & Bert Cade Fulton Foundation also known as ABCFulton, abc fulton and ABCFultonOrg was founded by Andrea J. Fulton, with the unique primary goals of developing, supporting and showcasing the performing arts interests and talents of adults.

It is our belief that individuals over 35 and up can be some of the most committed and motivated individuals.  We recognize that adults have often forgone and deferred dreams, allowing their their creative aspirations to take a back seat to the needs of others such as new born babies, growing children and newly acquired spouses and jobs, all of which understandably require some selfless attention in order to be successful at cultivating them.  Once these things become more manageable, people often find they have more time to meet their own needs and often set out to do this with vigor.   We are therefore  dedicated to helping channel and cultivate the capabilities of those whose time has now come and who now wishes to learn and grow and thrive in the production of quality performance art showcases including stage plays and other staged performances.

To support and assist adults who meet our criteria, we are developing an academy of sorts which includes a framework of skilled and experienced instructors who will impart or reinforce various skills and strategies and who will provide practical experiences for both newcomers and those returning to the arts and allied arts fields.

Previously produced and new works will be used as the ultimate training ground for those who advance through the ranks of our structure and prove themselves capable of performing on stage or assisting in one of the many technical aspects involves in producing and or delivering bonafide scheduled performance opportunities in various theaters and performance art venues in New York City and beyond.

Meet our team of Professionals

Anderson & Bert Cade Fulton Foundation

                       Preforming Arts for Adults

    Board of Directors    

            Andrea J. Fulton

Founder & Executive Director


           Illona S. Dixon


                   Carol L. Hawkes


                  Denise Fair-Grant


                  Allen Craig Harris


                        Crista E. Noel


             LaVerne M. Reid, Ph.D.



                Crystal Field

   Co-Founder & Executive Director

        Theater for the New City

                L. Earl Ford, Ed.D.

              President / Founder

 Nia Theatrical Production Company

                   Ward Nixon

         Director & Acting Coach

             TCA Acting Studios

                           Michael Scott-Price

          Director of New Projects

         Theater for the New City

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