The Anderson & Bert Cade Fulton Foundation, also known as the Fulton Arts Foundation, is a Non-Profit Organization whose primary goals are developing, supporting and showcasing the performing arts interests and talents of adults.  While we work with individuals of all ages, those over the age of 40 are often most committed and motivated and most appreciate and deserve the kind of nurturing and guidance we provide.  We recognize and empathize with the fact that they have often put their dreams and creative aspirations on hold while allowing others to take center stage in their lives as they raise children, focus on spouses and careers.  Once these things become more manageable, people have more time to meet their own needs and often set out to do this with vigor. We are there for those whose time has come and who are ready to learn various aspects of the performing arts industry.  Such disciplines include acting, dance, singing, comedy, spoken word, stage management, direction, lighting, sound, set design, hair, make-up, costume design, prop mastery and more. Join our mailing list, or our organization.  Come see our shows, teach our members, apply for paid scholarships or intern with us.





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Offering a hilarious and sometimes emotional glimpse into the lives of those looking for love in all the wrong places, UGLY IS A HARD PILL centers on African American couple Keef & Lena...both are "on the down low" and their love lives are scandalous! But as this couple's false realities are ........

Live music and a multi-cultural cast tell the story of Charley Cade in 1800's Louisiana who chooses not to "pass" even though he can.  See his journey of laughter, tears and triumph despite untold challenges as power, control, love, faith and fear collide all because of the color of his skin.

Roof Top Joy

This play challenges our concepts of privilege, wealth, race and social norms.  It looks at the way people construct a public image to achieve power and escape society's prophecy for who we should be.  The characters engage in stereotypes and judgements that show the way we are quick to decide who a person is without knowing them, the lengths people are willing to go in order to defend their status, as well as the way appearances can re-cast parts of our identity but never destroy us.

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Confessions of an Ordinary Man

Darren is the quintessential ladies man.  As an ordinary man, characterized as a hunter, does he perpetually seek gratification through the chase even when he has already conquered?  Can one big coo, one big conquest be enough?  Will his thirst to woo usually get the best of him or bring out the best in him?


Blind Leadin' the Blind

Widowed  long ago, two elderly best friends...

Dump Rat Kid

The rags to riches story of an African American  pioneer ....

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