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As Wittiswood and Jah-niece reside in a new luxury high rise condo in downtown Brooklyn see if ones past can collide with ones present to jeopardize ones future.  Might such a collision result in a joyful noise or could all hell break loose and destroy their little slice of heaven in this comedic drama that challenges our concepts of social norms, privilege and stereotypes balanced against homelessness and the American Dream

Photograph of Andrea J. Fulton
Photograph of Illona S. Dixon
Photograph of Allen Criag
Photogragh of DaisyLee H. Sprauve
Actor Gareth E. Lawson, (Wick)
Photograph of Denise Fair-Grant

Anderson & Bert Cade Fulton Foundation

                       Preforming Arts for Adults



Andrea J. Fulton, born in Chicago, is an award winning playwright, songwriter, producer and founder of the Fulton Arts Foundation: the Anderson & Bert Cade Fulton Foundation which supports performing arts aspirations of adults over 40.  She was recognized early on as being creative and has written poetry, songs, speeches and most anything asked of her when people needed help expressing themselves.  She maintains a goal of communicating in classic ways wherein her work transcends time and maintains relevance for people regardless of their background.  Her plays like her approaches to life are thought provoking, socially conscious, multi-culturally inclusive and push the envelope toward greater awareness.  She lives every moment in gratitude and likes to remind people of the importance of kind thought and deed and the power of love, faith and acceptance of others as well as ourselves. A graduate of Northwestern University, Andrea has been an inspiring consultant and business leader managing community organizations, her own business ventures and working in City government for over thirty years.  She believes in Gandhi’s mantra that “we must be the change we wish to see” and it shows.  Write her at OneRightAnswer@gmail.com or call her at 718.812.4252 to join her organization or to inquire about having this or any of her plays performed for your group or at your favorite venue.




Jared Reinmuth won this role as his directorial debut when he excitedly  identified this brand new work as part Tarentino, part Hitchcock. What vision and what passion but most importantly he brings a unique ambition, drive, patience and sensitivity to an eager, hungry and equally ambitious cast who together are like crackers and cheese… all made for each other.  Jared, a seasoned actor and producer has played the lead multiple times in Andrea’s popular debut work, “One Drop”.  He has played Jesus Christ, directed by Alex Timbers in Les Freres Cobusier’s Hell House, a Drama Desk Award Nominee. He toured nationally with the National Theater for Arts and Education in Don Quixote and Cyrano de Bergerac, The Three Musketeers, The Would-Be Gentleman and The Imaginary Invalid. Jared made his debut in Veroli, Italy and performed his one-man show, An American Prayer in Geneva, Switzerland. He is a founding member of The Treville Players and played the The Count of Monte Cristo which he adapted for the stage.  Other credits include Dracula at the Loew's Theatre in Jersey City and Guildenstern in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. He completed Hank Meyerson’s Fresh Brewed and No Exit directed by Mino Lora.




Melissa Diaz was Brooklyn, New York and began performing at age five as a dancer.  By the age of 10 she was well engaged in musical theater.  Always intrigued by television and movies and the processes needed to create them, at 18, Melissa performed less and began to familiarize herself with all aspects of production: (lights, sound direction, stage management, acting, camera work and writing).  She fell in love with these aspects of the business and began to dream of one day owning her own production company for both film and Theater. Still only in her mid twenties, Melissa feels her dreams are already well underway as the co owner of up and coming production company TruLuvEntertainment with Carleton King.  Together they are developing a web series "Why not just tell the truth?",  among other projects.





Illona S. Dixon, (Musical Director, Band Leader & Music Arranger), is an alumnus of the High School of Music & Art where she majored in voice and Queens College where she minored in Musical Theatre. Ms. Dixon has performed at Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall, The New York Philharmonic, Radio City Music Hall, Avery Fisher Hall and Madison Square Garden and is a member of the All-City Concert Reunion and Brooklyn Inter-denominational Choirs. Ms. Dixon, an accomplished pianist, received formal training at The Brooklyn Music School and Playhouse. Credits include: Fame (original movie); The Wiz (original stage play); Guys and Dolls; Merrily We Roll Along; Carmen; and Finian’s Rainbow.  She also enjoyed the honor of writing one of the songs in the original full length version of “One Drop” and served as the Musical Director, singing coach and band leader for One Drop band.  Illona also serves on the board as Treasurer of the Fulton Arts Foundation.


Bria M. Barfield, (Guitar), graduated from the prestigious LaGuardia School for the Performing Arts.  Part of a musical and theatrical family, Bria began learning music theory at age 6 and has already learned the Tenor Sax, the Alto Sax, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, the Harmonica and the Piano.  She has accompanied choirs and played in bands and productions in New York and beyond.  She enjoys playing music, composing and also singing.  She is excited to be a part of the “One Drop” musical ensemble, lending & also expanding her musical expertise.






Jason Stein, (Harmonica & min Wazoo-enhanced keyboard), is a self-taught harmonica player who began his career in January 2009.  Since then he has played at local jam sessions, at weddings, and at all hours of the day and night in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York.  He is very excited to be a part of this great project once again!







Guy Y. Barfield, (Organic Percussion), is a native Brooklynite who began his love affair with music when he learned the Bugle as a Boy Scout.  His passion caused him to cultivate not only his own interests but also those of his children where he supported them in becoming successful in music and theatre.  Guy admits he can’t resist carrying his Harmonica to Church and chiming in with the Choir. His sensitive ear made him a perfect fit to help “One Drop” keeps it’s beat.  He is honored to be a part of this play working alongside immensely talented individuals on a project that resonates with his heart.







Kae Suda, (Piano), is a classically trained pianist who also plays pop, jazz and loves blues and soul music.  A great new addition to our team, Kae is thrilled at this opportunity to for the first time, accompany a cast as part of a theatrical production







Ulric O’Flaherty, (Lighting Designer and Technical Director), has 32 years of experience as a technical director.  He continues to work regionally, nationally and internationally.





DaisyLee H. Sprauve, (Assistant Stage Manager), is a newcomer who has done the famous cooking scene before.  Chosen as Toastmaster of the Year by Federal Toastmasters 2009-2010, DaisyLee has enjoyed learning multiple aspects of theatrical production while working as assistant to the producer, working as a stage hand, as a set dresser, assisting with props and with stage management where she brought calm, organization, professionalism and attention to detail to each of those roles.  She has continued to be a quick study as this time for the first time she is acting in a full length production, doing quite well and enjoying every minute of it.





Carleton King , (Sound Engineer & Production Assistant), was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  This young talent started as a rapper, singer, songwriter but realized in High School that his heart lied elsewhere. Never losing his love for music, King chose to stretch the limbs of his other talents. Now with music videos, numerous plays, and a film under his belt, his production company Tru Luv Entertainment is not only taking shape but its flagship web series "Why Not Just Tell The Truth" is making its theatrical debut in the near future. When not acting Carleton can be seen hosting the new Urban Christian talk show Gifted & Uplifted airing Sunday mornings. Giftedanduplifted.tv for more info.





Damian J. (DJ) Shaw (Costume  Consultant), discovered his potential as an actor in 2009 after having studied communications while working in corporate advertising and marketing.  He decided he wanted to live a life in the arts and reached out to a high level producer in his home town in Jamaica.  He got connected to a production of Dreamgirls and the rest is history.  He later played numerous characters and ultimately developed experience and competence in a wide range of capacities including stage manager, director, choreographer, producer, writer, make-up artist and costume designer.





Lytza Colon (Props & Set Design Consultant) was born and raised in the South Bronx and is a passionate multi-talented Visual Artist, Youth Advocate, and Community Leader and Activist. She was introduced to live theater in 2008 and got hooked. In that same year she was invited by Crystal Field, Executive Director of Theater for the New City, to do their award winning Street Theater Summer Program and now has a merit to her title: Special Props Master. She is honored to assist and mentored by Mark Marcante, TNC's Production Manager of Set Design, Set Building, and Set Dressing. She has been featured in many productions at TNC and many theaters throughout New York City, and the New York City Fringe Festival. She works magic with cardboard and a noted review by Andrew Martin, nitelifeexchange.com stated, "Lytza R. Colon couldn't have been more creative in allowing the more classical aspects of great theatre to come into play with her puppetry of animals, masks and special props". View her work at www.lytzacolon.tumblr.com




Allen Craig Harris, (Uncle Thomas), has worked as an M.C., a Maitre‘d, Concierge and an international model but he found his true love in the theatre where he has worked as an actor, director, singer, stage manager and assistant producer.  He has been seen in numerous plays including a run of Debra Chappelle - Polk’s “Forgiveness of Sins” and “Sunnyside Up”.  He has worked as an Assistant Producer for multiple shows including “Black Man Rising” by James Chapman and directed by Patricia R. Floyd and “Playing with Heine Muller” at the Castillo Theater.  He worked in stage management for “Dreams Heavier Than Air” by Jackie Roberts, “Flowers Behind the Mountain” by Barbara Bennion, “Rising” by Carolyn Nur Wistrand, “The Winter View” at the Harlem School of the Arts and for the NYC Housing Authority's 42nd and 43rd Annual Talent Shows, the latter of which appeared at the World famous Apollo Theater.  He was also Stage Manager for the 35th Annual Senior Show “Ageless” at the great Symphony Space – Peter Jay Sharp Theater on Broadway.  He thanks Andrea for the opportunity to direct the Equity run of her play “One Drop” and is delighted to work on this latest play with such talented and passionate artists.



Sam George, (Allsgood), is an actor/writer who received a BA in theater from the University of New Hampshire. Sam is excited to be a part of an Andrea Fulton and Theater for the New City production. Sam just finished a sketch/improv Star Wars themed show with Scotty Watson and filming a web series episode with Ouzts productions.  He also recently filmed a 2 part sketch titled Oscars So White and  Retroactive Oscars with director Stephani Ouzts. Sam is excited for the release of Circa 78, a short film where he portrays an indispensable assistant to an eccentric billionaire. Sam is looking forward to filming the new sketch web series, What She Said.





Gareth E. Lawson, (Witiswood), a Brooklyn native, is an aspiring attorney holding a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice.  Some of his theater credits include lead roles as Othello in Othello, Sgt. Vernon C. Waters in A Soldier’s Play and multiple roles in the Coloured Museum, including Miss Roj.  He was a drunken writer in Marry Me, and most recently he portrayed the controversial character Wick in the award winning play Ugly is a Hard Pill by One Drop’s playwright Andrea J. Fulton.  His musical theater credits include Scott Joplin’s Treemonisha, and Danny Ashkenasi’s The Blues According to Langston Hughes.  He received training at the Sledge Project Studio under the direction of Ward Nixon.  His main inspiration comes from Ephesians 3:30 – Now unto Him who is able to perform, exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us”.



Denise Fair Grant, (Jah-niece), is one of the original actors in Andrea’s production company as well as a member on the board of the Fulton Arts Foundation.  Although Denise has broadened her interests and experience and contributes in numerous ways, her favorite role is in the spotlight.  So, she looks forward to each time she can act and even enjoys stepping up to the plate and enjoying the challenge of filling in for any number of roles whenever an actor is late or can’t make it to rehearsal.  She has been told all her life, she is a natural and she loves showing people that it’s true, she is.  Her comedic flair and timing are excellent and she quickly and easily shows she has skills.  Having retired from teaching “the little ones” in the New York City public school system, she now proudly studies acting under the direction of Ward Nixon, one of her mentors.




Chaunice L. Chapman, (Mrs. Garbicand), was most recently seen performing with The Hip to Hip Theater company in their productions of The Merchant of Venice and The Merry Wives of Windsor.  She has also performed with the Afrikan Women's Repertory, The Hadley Players, The Bronx Repertory Company, and the Children's Theater company at Lehman College. She is delighted to be a part of this wonderful production


    Board of Directors    

            Andrea J. Fulton

Founder & Executive Director


           Illona S. Dixon


                   Carol L. Hawkes


                  Denise Fair-Grant


                  Allen Craig Harris


                        Crista E. Noel


             LaVerne M. Reid, Ph.D.



                Crystal Field

   Co-Founder & Executive Director

        Theater for the New City

                L. Earl Ford, Ed.D.

              President / Founder

 Nia Theatrical Production Company

                   Ward Nixon

         Director & Acting Coach

             TCA Acting Studios

                           Michael Scott-Price

          Director of New Projects

         Theater for the New City

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